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To say this year has been eventful would be an understatement. This may have been my favorite year yet- I guess they say love gets better with age- (or is that wine?).
Our year started with the influenza and has now ended with the sweetest snuggles as a family of three. Happy Anniversary to Sten, my adoring, loving, patient, witty, handsome and wonderful husband. He's graduated seminary, started a new job, we've moved a state over and had to say goodbye to lots of family and friends, we've bought a house, and welcomed little Lucy into our lives. There is no one I'd rather go through life's transitions with. He's the one who makes me laugh and feel so safe and secure.  Love you the most! Happy 5 years!
A quick snippet of year 4, and THIS post for years 0-3.

 We celebrated 4 years at 'q' downtown  Our cozy apartment at Christmas... with just 2 stockings hanging for the last time.  Christmas with the Carlson's, before the influenza got us all.  On my f…

My girl.

There are so many days where I feel like 'if I don't capture Lucy in this moment I won't remember her like this' I think that's why I'm always snapping away. Everything is new and exciting and she is just so love-able!! She's been more and more smiley lately and that makes life THAT much more fun. 
I just kept on snapping.  Kate gave Lucy this vest. Although it says 0-6 months, she's swimming in it a little :) Look at those cheeks! I am one lucky mom.
Xo, Erica

November updates

Over half way through the month! Time is flying by. On Wednesday our little Lucy girl turned 2 months old.
I have been horrible at documenting on my blog- so here are some updates: - Lucy is a smart, strong, tough and loveable little turkey.  - Lucy got dedicated at church on November 10th among family and friends. She's the luckiest to have so many people surrounding her with love, support and examples of Christ.  - This past Saturday some of the ladies at church threw us a shower! It was so great and we felt extra loved  - Lucy has lungs like no other and LOVES to scream. The only thing that eases the screams are up and down squats. I am extra thankful for friends and family who have been so supportive to us during this phase. Neighbors, the women in my moms group and my cousin Betsy have seriously saved my sanity. - Lucy also loves going on runs. We bundle up and hit the road in our jogger. The fresh air feels so good. I hope someday she'll be my running buddy.  - Starting …

Homemade Mac n Cheese

This week I made homemade Mac n Cheese. I searched on pinterest and found one labeled "The best Mac n Cheese ever" so naturally I had to give it a try. I personally have never made homemade macaroni and cheese, so I have nothing to compare it to. However, I will say- this is REALLY tasty, and I will probably use this recipe for the rest of my life :) I'm such a sucker for traditions. Growing up my mom would let us pick whatever we wanted for dinner on our Birthday. For many, many years I chose macaroni and cheese. I hope to continue that tradition, as it always seemed extra special when mom was making something JUST because it was your day. My sister always chose Chicken Tetrazzini. Isn't it funny the things we remember?
Sten was gone at a 1-day conference just outside of Chicago this week. It was our first night home without him, and we survived- with some help from friends ;)

Here's the recipe and a couple other pictures from the week.

Macaroni and Cheese:

six weeks.

Lucy had her six wk checkup and is up to 8 lbs 14oz! She also got her shots and was extra sleepy today. She is just as cute as ever. We've had a few trying weeks but hopefully the screaming has peaked and life will start to quiet down in the Carlson home. Seriously, love this ruffle butt.

- I have a new niece! Olive Margret Bernard was born on Friday and is just precious. We spent the night in the cities and were able to get lots of family time in. I love this picture of the cousins. So blessed to get to share this time with my sis.  - Lucy goes to bed every night at 7pm, Sten and I sooo love this 'us' time. We'll pour a glass of wine, or pop a bag of popcorn and talk and watch our shows. We started a new rule of putting our cell phones in a box so we are more present with each other and with Lucy. It's been so great. - I've been cleared to exercise and am loving taking Lucy on runs. This weekend was the perfect mix of fall, sunshine and crisp air. Luc…