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To say this year has been eventful would be an understatement. This may have been my favorite year yet- I guess they say love gets better with age- (or is that wine?).
Our year started with the influenza and has now ended with the sweetest snuggles as a family of three. Happy Anniversary to Sten, my adoring, loving, patient, witty, handsome and wonderful husband. He's graduated seminary, started a new job, we've moved a state over and had to say goodbye to lots of family and friends, we've bought a house, and welcomed little Lucy into our lives. There is no one I'd rather go through life's transitions with. He's the one who makes me laugh and feel so safe and secure. 
Love you the most! Happy 5 years!

A quick snippet of year 4, and THIS post for years 0-3.

 We celebrated 4 years at 'q' downtown
 Our cozy apartment at Christmas... with just 2 stockings hanging for the last time.
 Christmas with the Carlson's, before the influenza got us all.
 On my favorite island with my favorite people.
 Small group get-a-way-- missin' these friends.

 Sten graduates!
 We move to WI!
 Aaaand buy a house!
 Had a babymoon at our favorite lake.
 Lucy joined our lives.

Excited to see what this year will bring. Happy Anniversary Sten.