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November updates

Over half way through the month! Time is flying by. On Wednesday our little Lucy girl turned 2 months old.
I have been horrible at documenting on my blog- so here are some updates:
- Lucy is a smart, strong, tough and loveable little turkey. 
- Lucy got dedicated at church on November 10th among family and friends. She's the luckiest to have so many people surrounding her with love, support and examples of Christ. 
- This past Saturday some of the ladies at church threw us a shower! It was so great and we felt extra loved 
- Lucy has lungs like no other and LOVES to scream. The only thing that eases the screams are up and down squats. I am extra thankful for friends and family who have been so supportive to us during this phase. Neighbors, the women in my moms group and my cousin Betsy have seriously saved my sanity.
- Lucy also loves going on runs. We bundle up and hit the road in our jogger. The fresh air feels so good. I hope someday she'll be my running buddy. 
- Starting Wednesday we started patching for 2 hours a day. Lucy does not like the patch and it makes it hard on me to put it on her. Sten and I tell her the same thing each time we stick it on: 'we're not doing this bc you did anything wrong. We're doing this to strengthen your eye.' I hope she grows up to believe that. Her follow up at the eye Dr went perfectly. She is healing great and is done with all her drops. Now we have to start taking her contact in and out- oh boy!
- Lucy girl smiled for me a couple weeks ago, but has been a little stingy since then. When she looks right into my eyes and gives me a little grin- there is nothing better. My heart just melts. The happiest moments are during bath time. This girl is going to be a little fishy.
- Sten and I have been enjoying spending quality time together so much this month. I think Lucy's screaming brings us together in a new way. I love him so much- Lucy and I are two lucky girls. 
Out for a run.
Looking so cute and screaming in her 8 week photo
2 months old!
Bath time is our favorite time of the day for sure!
Working on tummy time
The awesome cake at the shower!
Don't know who loves bows more: me or Lucy.

Can't wait for next week!! 
Xo, Erica


  1. such sweet photos! I think she looks like her mama.
    I hope she starts smiling for you more, and screaming less ! :)

  2. She is so lucky to have such great parents! And WHAT a doll! Love her!

  3. As I was reading this post my little girl was squirming so much in my belly… I think she is excited to meet Lucy someday!! :) And she's going to be a little fishy just like her mama!! Love to you my friend!!


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