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six weeks.

Lucy had her six wk checkup and is up to 8 lbs 14oz! She also got her shots and was extra sleepy today. She is just as cute as ever. We've had a few trying weeks but hopefully the screaming has peaked and life will start to quiet down in the Carlson home. Seriously, love this ruffle butt.

- I have a new niece! Olive Margret Bernard was born on Friday and is just precious. We spent the night in the cities and were able to get lots of family time in. I love this picture of the cousins. So blessed to get to share this time with my sis. 
- Lucy goes to bed every night at 7pm, Sten and I sooo love this 'us' time. We'll pour a glass of wine, or pop a bag of popcorn and talk and watch our shows. We started a new rule of putting our cell phones in a box so we are more present with each other and with Lucy. It's been so great.
- I've been cleared to exercise and am loving taking Lucy on runs. This weekend was the perfect mix of fall, sunshine and crisp air. Lucy and I suited up and enjoyed the western WI scenery while Sten had the neighborhood kids over for a game of football in our yard. It was so fun to see a yard full of kids- I can't wait until Lucy is big enough to run around outside with Dad.

- November is my favorite month of the year. Thanksgiving, autumn drinks, our anniversary, the first snow, cozy nights... so great. Looking forward to celebrating 5 years with my love.
- Time is going so fast. Here is Lucy at 1 week and at 6 weeks. She hasn't quite cracked a smile, but I think we're getting closer- is it bad that I'm most concerned about this milestone? :)