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3 months. + december happenings.

wow. can't believe my little chicky is 3 months old. Time seems to be going by at warp-speed.
Here's a Lucy update:
- she makes getting up in the morning SO exciting. mornings are her best times.
- after learning she has a dairy allergy she has been a new baby. no more squats for 12 hours a day. she's a happy little camper.
- watching Sten make her smile is my favorite thing in the world.
- shes been sleeping from about 7p- 6a.
- she absolutely HATES her patch :( those 3 hours are the worst of the day.
- still LOVES the bath. she just lights up as soon as those little toes hit the water.
- she kicks and kicks all the time, sometimes I think she is going to kick herself over to her tummy.
- shes makes us the happiest and we could not love her more.
Below is her 3 month pictures, plus a couple other over the last few weeks.

We had a great weekend. On Friday Sten and I continued the Carlson Family tradition of watching White Christmas and eating Swedish Pancakes. It's one of my all-time favorite traditions and I can't imagine not doing it.
On Saturday Lucy and I got together with 2 other mom's and made these Christmas keepsakes! Lucy's little footprint makes me smile.
 On Sunday night we celebrated Christmas and an awesome year with the ignite leaders. These are some pretty great people:
 Displaying DSC_0397.JPG
Christmas has been low key for me this year. We have really scaled back on getting gifts and it makes this season so much more joyous. So excited to celebrate Christmas Eve at Cedarbrook this year with our church and to be in MN for a white Christmas with my fam. We are lucky people. I wish you all a Merry Christmas!



  1. Happy 3 months, Lucy!
    She is so adorable!!
    I love the one of her with the pink crochet hat and leg warmers...oh my goodness!

  2. Love love LOVE these pics! Erica, who is that outfit by (the one with the leg warmers) - to die for! I'm so happy for you that you figured out the milk allergy - must be such a huge relief. Missed you guys at Christmas but hopefully we'll see more of you at family events soon now that Mark will finally be in the lab (and a presumably much better schedule) starting this January. So happy for your low-key Christmas. Great pic of the Swedish pancakes. Hugs!


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