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oh joy.

So not ready to come out of the Christmas time bubble. I had my mistletoe mix playing on repeat this morning while cleaning and putting away all of our million bags from staying at my parents for the last couple days. It was a magical Christmas from beginning to end. Highlights include:

- Waking up Christmas Eve morning with Caleb and Emily, egg bake, PW caramel rolls, Lucy time, and of course a game of cards.

Such special people.
- Christmas Eve services at Cedarbrook.
- Waking up Christmas morning and having a picnic by our fireplace with Lucy before hitting the road to celebrate with my family
- Time around the tree with my family, opening presents, playing with the kids and eating a delicious meal.
Lovin her fingers lately

This is little Olive. Santa baby <3
dad's and babies, nothing better.
unfortunately I did not get a picture of Amos. BUT he is as cute as EVER!
Me and my girl. I just love her.
- Family Balderdash game with so many laughs.
- Celebrating Sten!! 28!!!

Me and my sissy.

Cake and coffee and presents for Stenny.
- Lunch with the Anderson's at Hell's Kitchen and meeting little Sommar, such a sweetie.

I love how calm Sommar is and Lucy is just screaming.
LUCKY me!!

 - Getting an EXCELLENT report at the eye clinic yesterday. The doctor said "I could not be happier with her progress, you guys are model parents" which makes the crabby patching time so much easier to handle knowing Lucy's eye is getting stronger and stronger.
14 weeks old!
- Seeing my HS friends last night. It was so incredible to be at a big long table full of friends I've known for so long. SO grateful for them- bummed I didn't snap a pic!

All around it was a fantastic Christmas full of  those we love dearly.
My dad always says: nothing is as over as Christmas. And while I've always really agreed with this statement, I am not going to buy into it this year. We waited for Christmas for 24 days... now it's time to celebrate the coming of our KING. We did not get Christmas cards sent out, however, if I did it would have said:"We were blessed this year with the arrival of Lucy Jane and the continued reminder of our Savior- the light of the world, who came to save us all. May you find this light all year long."
The Carlson's: Sten, Erica and baby Lucy.