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its been a while

Wow. Have I ever taken a hiatus from blogging.

Life has been a blur! My little Lucy bear is growing like a weed and every stage is better than the last. I feel so fortunate to stay home with her everyday and love hearing every coo, seeing every smile, and kissing her little cheekers a million times a day. I couldn't love her any more and think being a mom is the greatest thing in the world.
She started this funny thing of roaring. It just cracks Sten and I up so much. She's been such a happy little girl. My favorite part of the day is when I hear the garage opening and Lucy and I stand at the top of the stairs. Her face LIGHTS up when she sees Sten. It completely melts my heart. I love them so.



  1. Awww these are the best times :) I love being home with mine, my heart aches for moms who want to but aren't able.


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