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Well, we're halfway to a year. It's flown by! Seems like yesterday we were bringing Lucy home. This stage is so fun. Here are some updates:
- Lucy is jabbering, growling and laughing lots. She must have a lot to say! - she can sit unassisted- sometimes she still topples over... - her first tooth is popping through! I can feel it and see it when she laughs  - she's tried: rice cereal, avocados, banana and pears. So far pears are the only thing she hasn't spit out - she took a bottle for the first time in 4 months!  - she thinks peekaboo is so funny, as well as any silly song Sten makes up and sings to her - she goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 6a. She loves her bedtime routine which includes a bath and lots of lotion and singing. She still eats about every 4 hrs and takes 2-3 naps during the day. - she's patching 6 hours a day and doing great! It doesn't seem to bother her and I'm so grateful for that. - she's started to ALWAYS want to be held. During…

Chia Seed Peanut Butter Cookies

I had EVERY intention of winning my families "no-sweets" challenge. I thought for sure I could do it, and then all the sudden I lost ALL my will power. I am blaming it on the fact that we all got to cheat for my Birthday and my mom made my favorite cake in the whole world. Once I got a taste of that sweet frosting, I was toast. I broke my fast by baking a chocolate cake for my neighbors son, and making a cupcake for myself with chocolate buttercream frosting. Totally worth it.

Now that I am back to baking, I tried Chia Seed Peanut Butter Cookies, which I found on Pinterest. They are not overly sweet and I almost found them to be a great pre/post run snack or breakfast. Chia Seeds are a power food and WebMD defines them by saying: chia seeds are a concentrated food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.
If you're looking for a health[ier] sweet treat, these could be your solution!

The recipe can be found HERE

In …


Gosh I love Thursdays. They seem to be a bright spot in my week. Sten has practice until 8ish so we usually eat a late dinner and catch up, staying up a little later since he has Fridays off. I always look forward to Thursdays and when about 2 o'clock hits I start getting into 'weekend mode'. Aaaah, what a good feeling that is.

I have been LOVING the weather this week (40 degrees has never felt so good). Lucy and I have been out on walks/runs every day. The fresh air feels amazing and is seriously good for the soul.
I think Lucy likes the walks and sunshine JUST as much as I do. I hope we share a love for the great outdoors, bright sunshine and a good run.

 We got to visit Sten's Grandma while in MN before Lucy's eye appt. Although she is looking a little unsure in this picture, she loved sitting on her Great Grandma's lap. It was fun to visit!
 I love the Lion's Eye Clinic in Mpls and I love all of Lucy's doctors. She got another perfect report on her …


Ever since moving to Menomonie there have been 3 things I continue to wish this little town possessed:

1. Starbucks
2. Target
3. a Bagel shop of any variety

The other day Sten and I took matters into our own hands with regards to #3 and made our own bagels. It was such a fun adventure and was a complete success. I know bagels are terrible for you. In fact, the stat I once heard in college was that eating a bagel was like eating 6 pieces of bread. That must be why I love them so.

They toast up so great in the morning and we just LOVE them. Next up, I want to master a little extra zest with some spices, cheeses etc.

We had a little photo shoot with Angie Green last week and this picture just captures my little Lucy girl so well. LOVE this bug sooo much. She'll be 6 months old in 2 weeks! Where did 1/2 a year go? Right now she's: laughing, making lots of funny noises, rolling, grabbing for everything, still sleeping through the night and taking 2-3 naps, patching 5 hrs a day…