Ever since moving to Menomonie there have been 3 things I continue to wish this little town possessed:

1. Starbucks
2. Target
3. a Bagel shop of any variety

The other day Sten and I took matters into our own hands with regards to #3 and made our own bagels. It was such a fun adventure and was a complete success. I know bagels are terrible for you. In fact, the stat I once heard in college was that eating a bagel was like eating 6 pieces of bread. That must be why I love them so.

They toast up so great in the morning and we just LOVE them. Next up, I want to master a little extra zest with some spices, cheeses etc.

We had a little photo shoot with Angie Green last week and this picture just captures my little Lucy girl so well. LOVE this bug sooo much. She'll be 6 months old in 2 weeks! Where did 1/2 a year go? Right now she's: laughing, making lots of funny noises, rolling, grabbing for everything, still sleeping through the night and taking 2-3 naps, patching 5 hrs a day and making life so much fun. We've tried: bananas, puréed blueberries and pineapple, avocado, and rice cereal and she isn't wild about any food yet. Oh well! She loves: music, ring toys, coffee shops, looking outside, constant movement, baths, bows, books, Sophie the giraffe and being held. We give her lots of attention and we're so glad she's ours!



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