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Well, we're halfway to a year. It's flown by! Seems like yesterday we were bringing Lucy home. This stage is so fun. Here are some updates:
- Lucy is jabbering, growling and laughing lots. She must have a lot to say!
- she can sit unassisted- sometimes she still topples over...
- her first tooth is popping through! I can feel it and see it when she laughs 
- she's tried: rice cereal, avocados, banana and pears. So far pears are the only thing she hasn't spit out
- she took a bottle for the first time in 4 months! 
- she thinks peekaboo is so funny, as well as any silly song Sten makes up and sings to her
- she goes to bed at 7pm and wakes up at 6a. She loves her bedtime routine which includes a bath and lots of lotion and singing. She still eats about every 4 hrs and takes 2-3 naps during the day.
- she's patching 6 hours a day and doing great! It doesn't seem to bother her and I'm so grateful for that.
- she's started to ALWAYS want to be held. During the day we spend a lot of time walking around the house or baking something in the kitchen. Sometimes it feels overwhelming bc I just want to put her down and not have her scream, but I know these moments will pass and I'll never get them back- so I usually just scoop her up and on we go!
Six months old!
Chews on everything!! But Sophie the giraffe and this weird bird thing are her favorites
Loves the exersaucer!
Sitting up!
We had a fun play date with Mason last week!!
Watching Match Madness with dad. 
We had a little date with cousin Olive on Monday. This pic was snapped right before Lucy clawed at her face causing some major screams from both girls. 
We also got to see Great Grandma Stokka, Michele, Betsy and Ella this week in Chippewa Falls. So great living by family. 
Lucy, you are a beauty. We love you more than you could ever dare to imagine.