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Gosh I love Thursdays. They seem to be a bright spot in my week. Sten has practice until 8ish so we usually eat a late dinner and catch up, staying up a little later since he has Fridays off. I always look forward to Thursdays and when about 2 o'clock hits I start getting into 'weekend mode'. Aaaah, what a good feeling that is.

I have been LOVING the weather this week (40 degrees has never felt so good). Lucy and I have been out on walks/runs every day. The fresh air feels amazing and is seriously good for the soul.
I think Lucy likes the walks and sunshine JUST as much as I do. I hope we share a love for the great outdoors, bright sunshine and a good run.

 We got to visit Sten's Grandma while in MN before Lucy's eye appt. Although she is looking a little unsure in this picture, she loved sitting on her Great Grandma's lap. It was fun to visit!

 I love the Lion's Eye Clinic in Mpls and I love all of Lucy's doctors. She got another perfect report on her eye. We're so happy! She is was too :)
 These are the looks that just melt my heart.


Just a little update! Time is flying!


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