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Eddie Spaghetti

My Grandpa passed away this morning while my dad and aunt sang him the hymns you would always hear him whistling. My heart is hurting knowing I'll never get another cheek squeeze, or hear him say something funny, but I'm also so, so happy that he is with Jesus. I can't find the words to describe how amazing a man he was- you'd know it if you met him. He loved his family, fishing, and donuts, but he loved Jesus most of all. So much so that when he had to make a voice mail greeting a few years back he said- "you've reached the home of Ed Print and his best friend, Jesus Christ..."I know he's catching a million bass while eating donuts, and talking to my Grandma and Jesus right now in heaven.

Can't believe I was lucky enough to call him Grandpa.


hello tuesday + 7 months.

Cannot believe it's Tuesday and Easter is over. It was a wonderful long weekend with 5 services at church and lots of fam time in MN. It always goes by so fast... I have LOTS of highlights from the weekend including:
- being a part of the children's ministry during the Easter services was so fun. Watching those littles come out of their shells and sing and dance was seriously heart melting.
- dressing Lucy up in her Easter dress and bow and going "patch free" for a day
- Easter dinner at mom and dads. Cheesy potatoes and ham... mmmmmmm!
- playing games while being partners with my one and only 'partner dartner'- my sissy- and laughing until my cheeks hurt
- Capital View Cafe breakfast with the family, then a little trek to Como Zoo before my 10 mile training run and basking in the warmth of the sunshine
- cousin playtime
- burgers on the grill and The Voice before heading home to Menom last night.
It was a jam-packed awesome weekend.
 First Easter!  It was su…

Happy Spring + Cinnamon Chip Scones

I didn't feel like I could welcome Spring when the temps were still in the 20's and we had snow in the 5 day forecast. However, after yesterday's BALMY 60 degrees, I am happy to say Spring has sprung in Menomonie and we are more than grateful.  Here are some happenings over the last week:  Lucy is rolling everywhere. We are currently in transistion mode from full swaddle to arms out. So far night one: Lucy- 1 Sten and Erica- 0 After her going to bed screaming, then us moving her twice after she had weaseled herself to the way corner of the crib (screaming) we gave in and swaddled her back up and all slept through the night. Maybe we'll try again next week :) Lucy is OBSESSED with this "edible" book from Pete's mom, Wendy. It's amazing.
THIS happened on Friday. and THIS happened on Sunday! We had the best afternoon. We ran to the grocery then walked around downtown and took the lake front path home where we quickly put together a snack plate and enjo…

Weekend adventures.

We had such a fun weekend full of friends and family! So sad it's over. Our friends the Johnson's came Thursday night and stayed until Sunday morning. We spent so much time with them during our 3 years in Chicago and it is so sad that we don't still live 1 mile away!
 We had MANY dinner parties and played so many hours of cards in this dining room.  green space fun!  DC boat rides  Mexico!  first picture of the "6" of us in Door County :) So fun to have them visit us in Menomonie!!
Here are the weekend highlights:
Swedish Cardamom Toast. Made these on Thursday and we enjoyed it with our morning coffee. I may post the recipe later this week... I didn't take pics along the way, as I was a little skeptical it would turn out :) Lululemon sale in Mpls with Kate! We waited in that line and it was totally worth it. Luke and Lucy got to hang out with the dads at Starbucks. It was a WIN for all!
The babes were a little lulu'd out and cried the majority of the way…