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hello tuesday + 7 months.

Cannot believe it's Tuesday and Easter is over. It was a wonderful long weekend with 5 services at church and lots of fam time in MN. It always goes by so fast... I have LOTS of highlights from the weekend including:
- being a part of the children's ministry during the Easter services was so fun. Watching those littles come out of their shells and sing and dance was seriously heart melting.
- dressing Lucy up in her Easter dress and bow and going "patch free" for a day
- Easter dinner at mom and dads. Cheesy potatoes and ham... mmmmmmm!
- playing games while being partners with my one and only 'partner dartner'- my sissy- and laughing until my cheeks hurt
- Capital View Cafe breakfast with the family, then a little trek to Como Zoo before my 10 mile training run and basking in the warmth of the sunshine
- cousin playtime
- burgers on the grill and The Voice before heading home to Menom last night.
It was a jam-packed awesome weekend.
 First Easter!
 It was sun-dress weather!
 Here are the 3-5 yr olds singing. I wish I had a video, it was so great
 My mom is the best cook.
 I put up a couple Easter decos :)
 Lucy and Ashley were MATCHING at church!
 My favorite little bunny.
 the ZOO! Lucy slept through the entire thing....

 Lucy's friend pooh.

Lucy turned 7 months old on Easter! From her morning whispers, to giggles when Sten gets home, she brings more joy than I ever thought possible. 

Here she is standing, and picking out some clothes
"Eating" sweet potatoes 
Bare toes on the deck last week. So amazing. This girl is going to be a summer lover.

She's also:
- making lots of noises
- eating more foods
- getting into crawling position
- sleeping at night without her swaddle
- still very attached to me
- taking 2 longer naps and 1 shorter nap each day
- still has just the 2 teeth

Hope your Easter was just as wonderful! XO