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Can't believe another month has gone by. Lucy is getting cuter everyday.
She is very smiley and loves to give kisses. We are also working on high fives and 'mama' and 'dada'. She has yet to crawl, but definitely can get around by scooting on her tummy and she is a pretty good plank-er. She's been eating really well this last week. One day she ate 1/2 of a small sweet potato... yikes! She is still putting EVERYTHING in her mouth, which is disgusting, but can keep her entertained for 45+ minutes, so we usually just let her go with it! She's still taking 2 naps: 1 morning, 1 afternoon and has been waking up everyday at 5:40a for the last couple weeks. Not sure why she doesn't sleep in past 6a anymore, but I would like for that to change ;) She is still very attached to me, however, lately I've found if she doesn't see me, she does great with other people. I love sharing her with everyone, because she is just SO much fun. Next week we have our quarterly eye check-up. I am excited to see how she's doing. We keep praying for her eye to get stronger and stronger and I am choosing to trust God that everything will perfect.
 8 months old!

 chopped my hair off- and it feels amazing.
Found Lucy cuddled up in some blankets when I went to get her from her nap yesterday. 

Wow o wow. We spent so much time outside last weekend. We are working on getting our patio completed and hoped maybe we could do it all in 1 weekend. Sten and I are both glass half full people and we tend to wear 'rose colored glasses'. Needless to say, we are *maybe* 1/4 way through with the project. It's quite a lot more work than we were expecting. However, I am more convinced than ever that our backyard is going to be wonderful once this project is complete, and I am really looking forward to summer nights around a bonfire.
I also gutted out the garden area and plan to plant this weekend. It was a mess of weeds, pineneedles, and who knows what!! All I have left to do is buy my plant seeds/plants! I am going to have: peppers, tomatoes, basil, carrots, and cucumbers.
Working out in the yard was/is rewarding. Sten worked so hard! He went easy on me, knowing I was pacing for a local half marathon race. I had a blast! It was so relaxing running at a speed that was conversational and not racing to get my best. The day was perfect, and the course was beautiful!
This weekend we are SO hoping to get the patio DONE, just in time for Memorial Day guests... Are we being too optimistic?

Above is the before and after of the gutted garden area... woof! 

I received this picture text from Sten right before the race saying: Go Mom Go! It was awesome! Sten and Lucy met me at the finish and we had a great time at the post race party.
 Thankful this week for lots of blue skies and fun times outside.



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