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Happy MAY DAY!

It doesn't feel like May, but that's okay, a couple more days cozy-ing up inside never hurt anyone. Hope the sun comes out at some point this month and gives us some warmth.

In my 28 post I said I wanted to sew. Well... I fired up my sewing machine last week (with the help of my mama) and completed some burp cloths. I am now ready for some bigger projects and am hoping to make a few summer dresses for Lucy and some matching pj pants with my girl Ash.

In other news: it's been raining pretty much non-stop for the last 4 days with really no end in sight. I watched the radar yesterday afternoon and when I thought I had a 30 minute window, Lucy and I got out for a run. It felt great and sometimes that fresh air is exactly what you need for a lift of spirits. 
Talk about lifting the spirits!... On Monday I met my sister and mom at Starbucks for a hangout. Lucy and I had the best morning- what's better than sbux coffee, and Print girls with babies?!?! Amos is such a sweet little guy. It's so fun watching him be a big brother/ cousin! He's started to *sort of* say my name (ca-ca)... I love it!!!!

I was packing up some of Lucy's clothes today and was so sad to put this little sweatshirt away. It was always one of my favorites. What happened to those skinny little legs?!? She has rolls and rolls now! This afternoon when I got her up from her nap she just smiled and did this little snort laugh for a minute. It was the best. I love every little thing about her and I love seeing her personality develop. 

Happy May to all!