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#lukeandlucy + 9 months!

Lucy and I traveled to Chicago for the week to visit friends while Sten was in the BWCA with some men from church. We had the best time catching up. We packed a lot in to a short little week, and although it always feels good to be home, I think Lucy and I were both a little off Wednesday morning when Kate and Luke weren't around for coffee and breakfast :(
Here are some highlights:
Lucy's FIRST flight was one for the record books. After getting dropped off at 9a, boarding and de-boarding the plane 5 times we finally pulled into the Johnson's a little before midnight. PHEW! We made it!!

 She was so good in the airport, a total charmer.

Morning playtime, walks to the park, and eating grass.

We got to spend a night at Lauren and Elin's house! Lucy is OBSESSED with her big cousin and thinks everything she does is awesome. I snapped a selfie of Elin and me on our way to dinner. Love this little pumpkin.

THEN, Sommar + Anne came to visit! Kate bought matching jams and the k…


Happy June! Loving the sunshine and warm weather. Lucy and I have been spending the majority of our days outside, taking walks, going on runs, splashing at the pool. I think we were made for Summer and I feel like myself again after that miserable winter.

We had a fantastic Memorial Day, celebrating with family. It was the best weekend weather wise, and we spent a lot of time working on our patio which is finished (for the most part)!
Family on the deck! bags + bocce, duh. playing with uncle mike.
Last weekend Lucy and I traveled with my parents, sis, bro-in-law and Olive to Pennsylvania to celebrate my Grandpa's life. It was an extremely special trip honoring my Grandpa's life and was so fun seeing aunts and uncles, cousins and spending an extended time in the car with my family... 29 hours to be exact (but who's counting)
Lucy did GREAT in the car and I loved sitting in the back with her and listening to her little noises and seeing her smiles.
 jammies and breakfast at …