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#lukeandlucy + 9 months!

Lucy and I traveled to Chicago for the week to visit friends while Sten was in the BWCA with some men from church. We had the best time catching up. We packed a lot in to a short little week, and although it always feels good to be home, I think Lucy and I were both a little off Wednesday morning when Kate and Luke weren't around for coffee and breakfast :(
Here are some highlights:
Lucy's FIRST flight was one for the record books. After getting dropped off at 9a, boarding and de-boarding the plane 5 times we finally pulled into the Johnson's a little before midnight. PHEW! We made it!!

 She was so good in the airport, a total charmer.

Morning playtime, walks to the park, and eating grass.

We got to spend a night at Lauren and Elin's house! Lucy is OBSESSED with her big cousin and thinks everything she does is awesome. I snapped a selfie of Elin and me on our way to dinner. Love this little pumpkin.

THEN, Sommar + Anne came to visit! Kate bought matching jams and the kids were: adorable.

Top photo: January, bottom photo: June

On Friday night Kate and Peter hosted a gathering and Lucy got to see Josh+Hannah, Uncle Andrew, Allison, and Brad+Becca+Baby Bruce. It was the best to be together.

photo credit: HANNAHELOGE

photo credit: HANNAHELOGE
 loving Z!
 Luke, Bruce, Andrew, Lucy, Sommar
We had water table fun, bath tub fun, and bottle fun.

 this guy. SO smiley

On Sunday we went to the Swedish Days parade. It was a hot day, but Luke and Lucy loved all the bands and dancing down the street. Emily met us and we squeezed in a quick picture before Lucy called it a night. My time with Em was special as usual and I am so thankful she drove out so I could see her face!

 Watching the parade

 With Em right before bedtime

No trip to Chicago would be complete without some great eats. Another donut shop checked off my list: Glazed and Infused. YUMMMM!!!! The babes had a small taste and weren't sure about it. Maybe they haven't developed their mama's sweet tooth yet. We also got to see Laura and Katie, and meet baby Maggie!
 so excited about the donuts!

Maggie, Luke, Lucy
 Unbelievably true, our flight was delayed on the way home too! I was supposed to land in MSP at 6 and got to my parents at 10p. Oh, well. I will NEVER fly Spirit again and I have a HUGE appreciation for all single moms- you are amazing.
  trying to pass the time.....
 then she fell asleep....while this was happening:

 Lots to look at!

Lucy turned 9 months on Friday! A few notes about this little bug. She's:
Officially crawling
Eating lots of puffs
Sleeping well, still takes 2 naps
Got 6 teeth
Obsessed with herself- pics on the phone, mirrors, videos of herself (instant giggle)
A mama's girl
Smiling a lot
Growling a TON
Getting angry when you take things away from her
Drooling on everything
Putting everything in her mouth
Pulling herself up
A great traveler
Our love!
9 months in, 9 months out.