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Lucy girl, you're growing so fast. I think this has been our most fun month yet. You are as quick as lighting and the most curious little girl. Your space is an adventure and you are such an explorer. I see glimpses of your personality and fall more and more in love with you.
You are:
-dancing to beats
-pulling yourself up
-clapping and waving, but only when you want, not on command ;-)
-biting, chewing, sucking on everything
-walking along furniture
-in love with the water... pools, lakes, baths
-picking up every little crumb off the floor
-discovering grass and what it tastes like
-starting to love certain blankets more than others
-sticking out your tongue
-partial to little kids, they could do nothing and you always have a smile and a giggle for them
-our favorite little thing

I can't believe that in 2 short months we'll have a 1 year old. We couldn't love you more if we tried Lucy Jane.



We got back Saturday from 10 days in beautiful, wonderful Michigan. It was the best time away and just what we needed. We started off the week with the tail-end of Family Camp 2, where we bunked with Meredith and Mim for 2 nights. We loved the time with family and Lucy couldn't get enough of Lauren and Elin (who can ALWAYS make her laugh). On Saturday we moved over to the other end of camp while Sten was the speaker for Jr High! It was SUCH a fun week, full of trips to the point, lots of swimming in the lake, meals together, canteen hang outs, and singing at chapel.
It was truly vacation for me, no cleaning, doing dishes, cooking... just hanging out, and reading my books. I felt content and peaceful and refreshed. Sten did an awesome job speaking. I am so proud of him and Lucy did a great job being Lucy. She LOVED the jr. highers and they loved her. She made some great friends and can't wait to be on staff in 18 years....
 We took the SS Badger car ferry across the big lake!  …

Summa time

Sweet Summer time! It is the BEST! We are loving every minute of warm weather and lots of fam time. Here are some recent happenings:
 We visited Ashley and Mason at their new home in River Falls. It was so fun to be together and chase the kids around!  J + M celebrated their anniversary and I got to hang out with the kids! We had a blast!
 Amos LOVES the "babe's" and he always has a kiss for "babe ucy"  This is our lives these days at my parents house. Where we once played hours of cards inside and bags outside.... now we try to keep the kids corralled and entertained! Love this picture of Lucy and my mom. 

We finally celebrated Mother's Day by taking my mom to the Northern Vineyards Winery in Stillwater. It was the perfect day for a glass of wine on the roof top, we had the greatest time chatting and enjoying 3 hours, kid-free! Thank you Grandpa for watching Lucy Bear!  We got to hang with Ashley! The best!  Lucy got a little cold and was SOOO snuggly. I …