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We got back Saturday from 10 days in beautiful, wonderful Michigan. It was the best time away and just what we needed. We started off the week with the tail-end of Family Camp 2, where we bunked with Meredith and Mim for 2 nights. We loved the time with family and Lucy couldn't get enough of Lauren and Elin (who can ALWAYS make her laugh). On Saturday we moved over to the other end of camp while Sten was the speaker for Jr High! It was SUCH a fun week, full of trips to the point, lots of swimming in the lake, meals together, canteen hang outs, and singing at chapel.
It was truly vacation for me, no cleaning, doing dishes, cooking... just hanging out, and reading my books. I felt content and peaceful and refreshed. Sten did an awesome job speaking. I am so proud of him and Lucy did a great job being Lucy. She LOVED the jr. highers and they loved her. She made some great friends and can't wait to be on staff in 18 years....
 We took the SS Badger car ferry across the big lake!
 cabin 10 naps
 sunrise from my bunk
 On Saturday I drove to South Haven to see Mandy and meet her fiance Quintin! It was beyond amazing to see her!
 These 2 are ADORABLE little love birds!!
 Elin was still waking up :) but this pic is one of my favs.... and the one below.... ahhh!!
 catchin' rays at the point!

 Michigan is SO beautiful!
 Spending time with Sten was my highlight... watching him make Lucy laugh is my favorite thing.

 Lots of bright blue skies
 chapel time! I loved hearing these jr. highers fill up the room with praises. It brought tears to my eyes knowing how big an impact camp has on so many lives.
 I love this guy SO much. Michigan is such a special place for us.
 On Friday night we got EZ Mart pizza and had a picnic. It's great to be able to share our traditions with Lucy!
Nothing will ever beat a Michigan sunset. 

We came home with 6 loads of laundry, an extra couple pounds (from a few too many trips to the canteen), suntan lines, tired bodies, and refreshed souls. It was the perfect week.

XO, erica


  1. Love it! It was so fun for us too, to finally go to camp, and so fun to see you guys briefly! I gained 2 lbs, but took it off already (because I was already high, ugh). Sweet pics! Hope to see you there in future years too!


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