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Summa time

Sweet Summer time! It is the BEST! We are loving every minute of warm weather and lots of fam time. Here are some recent happenings:
 We visited Ashley and Mason at their new home in River Falls. It was so fun to be together and chase the kids around!
 J + M celebrated their anniversary and I got to hang out with the kids! We had a blast!

 Amos LOVES the "babe's" and he always has a kiss for "babe ucy"
 This is our lives these days at my parents house. Where we once played hours of cards inside and bags outside.... now we try to keep the kids corralled and entertained!
Love this picture of Lucy and my mom. 

We finally celebrated Mother's Day by taking my mom to the Northern Vineyards Winery in Stillwater. It was the perfect day for a glass of wine on the roof top, we had the greatest time chatting and enjoying 3 hours, kid-free! Thank you Grandpa for watching Lucy Bear!
 We got to hang with Ashley! The best!
 Lucy got a little cold and was SOOO snuggly. I love this little bug so much
 Lucy turned 41 weeks old on the 4th! What a big girl!
Here she is snoozing in the jogger. I just had to stop and snap a pic- she looks so peaceful and beautiful.
Unfortunately, I didn't take ANY pics on the 4th of July, bc I didn't have my phone out, but we had a great day out on the water with friends! We're so thankful for friends and the 4th has been especially fun the last 2 years in Menomonie.
Great Grandma + Lucy
My Aunt + Uncle + Cousin came to visit from Kansas and on Monday all the girls got together. It was so great to see Emily!! I love her!

 Here's Betsy, Ella, and Lucy, I love Lucy's face thinking Ella is so fun!
On Tuesday my sis + Olive and Amos came to hang and swim at Wakanda. This was the best picture I could get of the 3 of them. Every time I told Amos to say cheese he started kissing Lucy. lol so funny, love these 3 so much.

And that concludes the recent summer happenings! Tomorrow we are headed to Michigan! We've been looking forward to this for a looooong time! Can't wait to see the lake and be with family!