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11 MONTHS + red sauce recipe

In 1 short little month Lucy will be ONE. I can't really talk about it, and I don't have anything planned for her Birthday. In my mind, if I don't think about it, maybe it won't happen. I couldn't love her more and this past month was so so so fun. Lots of new sounds, new snuggles, new food preferences, and a whole lot of smiles... here's Lucy in a nutshell:
- wakes up around 6a
- loves applesauce and cheerios in the morning
- plays with Sten until he goes to work.... then waves bye
- naps for an hour
- we read lots of books and lately she's been watching for the page to turn, it. is. the. cutest. thing.
- lunch time at noon: lunch meat, blueberries, cheese
- afternoon nap
- go for a run or walk
- dinner prep, while Lucy plays with tupperware
- wait for Sten to come home
- play with Sten! giggles and peek-a-boo
- dinner
- bathtime
- bedtime at 7p

Here are some favorite pics this month
 this is her preferred sleeping position  meeting Colorado friends Erin …

Sweet Summertime

I've heard it said that August is like the Sunday of Summer, and I totally agree. There is this feeling in the air that the long days will be ending, blueberries and peaches and tomatoes won't be in season much longer, and vacations are now memories. I often wonder why we don't live in an area with constant summer, but I don't think we would ever get any work done. We are summer people. We love it. We celebrate it. We take full advantage of it and eek out every last ray of sunshine.
This summer has been especially fantastic. Lots of memories made with Lucy, and so much wonderful time spent with family and friends. Tears fill my eyes when I think back to all the fun we've had with our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews.... What a joy its been to have this time. So as we gear up for our LAST hurrah of the summer (one last trip to Bay Lake) I want to post my favorite memories so far:
 started summer off right with a fajita cruise down t…


Each year Sten goes on this amazing fishing trip with his brother and buddies, flying into Colorado, then driving up to WY. He comes home every year with more stories and ideas of new fishing gear,  he just "has to have" :)  This year, Lucy and I flew to CO too. While the guys went fishing, Ryann and I and the kids stayed back, then we all met up with more family in Breckenridge to finish out a seriously great vacation.
It felt restful and busy, quiet and loud, jam-packed, yet relaxing... the perfect blend of family time, all wrapped up in the beauty of Colorado. My favorite memories included:
- getting to spend extra time with Drake and Raine, learning their loves- Drake: talking to people, puzzles, movies ("Sandlox" aka Sandlot), swimming. Raine: books, being sweet, gum, lipstick.
- putting the kids to bed each night and Ryann and I sitting outside with a glass of wine
- date night in Fort Collins
- seeing friends
- visiting Vail during the Farmer's Market
- …