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11 MONTHS + red sauce recipe

In 1 short little month Lucy will be ONE. I can't really talk about it, and I don't have anything planned for her Birthday. In my mind, if I don't think about it, maybe it won't happen. I couldn't love her more and this past month was so so so fun. Lots of new sounds, new snuggles, new food preferences, and a whole lot of smiles... here's Lucy in a nutshell:
- wakes up around 6a
- loves applesauce and cheerios in the morning
- plays with Sten until he goes to work.... then waves bye
- naps for an hour
- we read lots of books and lately she's been watching for the page to turn, it. is. the. cutest. thing.
- lunch time at noon: lunch meat, blueberries, cheese
- afternoon nap
- go for a run or walk
- dinner prep, while Lucy plays with tupperware
- wait for Sten to come home
- play with Sten! giggles and peek-a-boo
- dinner
- bathtime
- bedtime at 7p

Here are some favorite pics this month
 this is her preferred sleeping position
 meeting Colorado friends Erin and Darby

 went to her first "friends party"! SO girly and SO fun

 such a ham
 hanging out with Ash, we sewed Lucy those pants :)
 standing, but not walking
 lots of biting

It has been a fun month for sure! 

Haven't been food blogging for so long :( We've been boring with our food this summer, veggies on the grill with either: burgers, chicken or turkey sausage.... not much to report. However, since everyone's gardens are producing- I have made some tomato/basil treats and recently made this red sauce that was SO good. Thought I'd share... we used some for pizza sauce, and I have a bunch left over I'm going to freeze for spaghetti sauce this winter.

Red Sauce

1/2 red onion chopped
3 garlic cloves, minced
throw them into a blender with:
1 small can of tomato sauce 
1 big can of whole tomatoes
a bunch of basil
red pepper flakes
That's it, you're DONE!

the perfect sauce to go on our grilled pizza :)
Here's my little helper, always at my feet..... pulling out towels and tupperware.

Lucy, let's hope this month goes by SLOW, I want to cherish every last second with you!


  1. Happy 11 months Lucy!
    This first year goes by so fast!
    Your blog never fails to make me happy!


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