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Sweet Summertime

I've heard it said that August is like the Sunday of Summer, and I totally agree. There is this feeling in the air that the long days will be ending, blueberries and peaches and tomatoes won't be in season much longer, and vacations are now memories. I often wonder why we don't live in an area with constant summer, but I don't think we would ever get any work done. We are summer people. We love it. We celebrate it. We take full advantage of it and eek out every last ray of sunshine.
This summer has been especially fantastic. Lots of memories made with Lucy, and so much wonderful time spent with family and friends. Tears fill my eyes when I think back to all the fun we've had with our parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, nephews.... What a joy its been to have this time. So as we gear up for our LAST hurrah of the summer (one last trip to Bay Lake) I want to post my favorite memories so far:
 started summer off right with a fajita cruise down the st. croix
 Big cousin Elin came to visit and we went to a wedding, and to Bay Lake!
Aunt Lauren and the girls <3
 Sten and Lucy in their new Bay Lake gear!
 Lucy and I took a trip to Chicago to see friends
 Lots of play time with Grandma, Grandpa, Amos and Olive
 Celebrated Mother's Day with my wonderful mom and sister in Stillwater
 Portage Lake Bible Camp!
 Where Lucy had the time of her life.....
 .... and we did too!
 Bay Lake #2.
 smiles all around :)
Then we left for Colorado....
 You can read all about those adventures HERE

After CO we went to the leadership summit in the cities, then to Lake Beauty Bible Camp for a staff retreat, THEN we went camping with Emily and Caleb near the Dells.
 it was hotter than anything we've ever experienced and more bugs than I can describe, but to spend quality time with these two = SO worth it.

 greatest campsite ever... right on the water!
Lucy took her naps lakeside :)

This has been one of those summers where we feel like the luckiest. So grateful for these memories and all of the people in them.