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Lucy turned one on Saturday and we celebrated with cake, presents and family: the 3 essentials of a perfect 1st Birthday. Lucy was happy, and as the little charmer she is, seemed to relish in the fact that this was HER day.
"So, we have a one year old." - Sten said to me as we left church on Sunday afternoon. We survived, we made it through, we did it (with the help of many people). We celebrated all things Lucy on Saturday, but, in a way it was our day too. A real celebration of the best year yet.

Here are a few pictures of the big day and of our 1 year old ;)

 so happy after eating her cake

 Grandma and aunt Lauren from Chicago  Elin + Lucy  Lucy + Olive  Ashley helped me sew this bunting.  a new car! In honor of Lucy's love for bananas, we thought this cake was fitting
Thank you to everyone who has cheered us on, and loved our Lucy bear this year. We couldn't have done it without you!
XO,  erica

just because, Lucy's almost 1.

This is the post before my baby turns one. It's heart-breaking and exciting all at the same time. This past year has been full of a lot of 'firsts' but, becoming a mom- that was the biggest first, and the best, by far.
This month has been the hardest yet. My smart little girl has learned how to pull off her patch. It's left me in tears multiple days and has made me the hovering parent I always vowed not to be. For 6 hours a day we're homebodies, scared that if at any point she's left alone without my watchful eye, she'll rip that patch right off. She also had her first ear infection and has had more bumps and bruises due to her ever exploring little heart.
Even though it's been the toughest, it's also made our highs, higher. The days we go out for a quick errand, and she's left her patch on- ya, we celebrate that. When she laughs while rolling the ball back and forth, or tumbles down and doesn't cry- we clap and sing. And when she hands us …