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just because, Lucy's almost 1.

This is the post before my baby turns one. It's heart-breaking and exciting all at the same time. This past year has been full of a lot of 'firsts' but, becoming a mom- that was the biggest first, and the best, by far.
This month has been the hardest yet. My smart little girl has learned how to pull off her patch. It's left me in tears multiple days and has made me the hovering parent I always vowed not to be. For 6 hours a day we're homebodies, scared that if at any point she's left alone without my watchful eye, she'll rip that patch right off. She also had her first ear infection and has had more bumps and bruises due to her ever exploring little heart.
Even though it's been the toughest, it's also made our highs, higher. The days we go out for a quick errand, and she's left her patch on- ya, we celebrate that. When she laughs while rolling the ball back and forth, or tumbles down and doesn't cry- we clap and sing. And when she hands us book after book to read, over and over again- my heart melts into a million little pieces and I smother her with kisses.
She is one special girl and we can't wait to jump and sing and light a candle on Saturday to celebrate the best year of our life.
 below is a series of book reading:
 with grandma
 with Luke
 TO Luke
 by herself
 with dad
Some other recent happenings this month have been cabin time, cousin time, Luke time, friend time, mom and dad time..... so many exciting things in September!

 We went to Bay Lake and got to see Great Grandma!

 we spent Labor Day in MN with my family
 we hit up the Menomonie farmers market on a perfect Saturday, fall, morning
 We had our new friend Wellan over for a play-date

 #lucyandolive BFF's
 Luke and Katie came to visit!

 thank you Sten for watching the kids so we could be BABY FREE one night!
 Fall + Babies = awesome

LOVE these two.
 bruise in the middle of her forehead


Soak it up baby Lucy... this weekend, you're a toddler.


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