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just because its wednesday

over the last few weeks sten and i have carved out time to have lunch together on wednesdays. its easily become a highlight of my week. because we are two of the most indecisive people you will ever meet, we take turns picking the spot and there is much anticipation on wednesday morning as the 'picker' reveals their pick. it was my pick today and we went to legacy. we've had some good memories in that little coffee shop since living in menomonie. i find it cozy and inviting and everything there is delicious.
a couple weeks ago lucy had a double ear infection, and then woke up sunday with a bad reaction to the amoxicillin. i took her to urgent care sunday morning, and then the rash kept getting worse and worse, we went back to the dr on monday, and then last night went BACK to urgent care after her legs swelled up, her feet were turning blue, and she was not herself. at urgent care she had blood drawn. all her tests came back ok, it was just a severe allergic reaction to the medicine. we were prescribed steroids and we went home. we've said lots of prayers over the last few days, but last night we just prayed for sleep for lucy (and us) and she slept through the night! this morning her rash is way better, and sten and i are so relieved.
at lunch today we talked about how this season has been hard. all the patching, and the contact stuff and then this recent sickness. sten's speaking at ignite tonight about joseph and how with every bad thing that happened to him, he always chose to still respect and honor people even when they didn't deserve it. basically saying: the way you act NOW, is creating patterns and habits that will form the foundation for how you act in the FUTURE. joseph's life was richly blessed by God, and his decisions ultimately made all the difference in his life (and his families life). It just really made us stop, and see that through any hardship, we still need to chose our actions wisely and know that God has big plans for our future. sten's mind is amazing. he is able to make these parellels in our life so easily and thoughtfully. i love the way he articulates things and makes them so easy for me to understand and apply to life. i'm so lucky he is my husband and lucy's dad. we're the luckiest girls in the world.
on a different note, we've been up to a lot lately... between the sicknesses.... and one of the highlights was closing up the cabin at bay lake this past weekend. it was cold, the air was crisp, sky was blue, and it smelled like a fall candle. aaaaah, if we could have spent the month of october up there, i think we would have ;).
 she's a fall girl!
 bay lake..... lonesome pine pizza :)

 poor lucy!
 1st wednesday lunch date
 she's learned how to give kisses :)
 haven't had a lucy and olive pic lately... but here are these 2 little beauties at great grandma's a couple weeks ago.

here's to a healthy 2nd half of october, and a renewed mind to know that the way we choose to react to our current circumstances can lay an awesome foundation for our future.
XO, erica


  1. Poor Lucy! Allergies are a chore to deal with, and I hope Lucy's doing well by now. What's good in this experience is that not only you appeared to had little trouble while Lucy was confined, but that you'd now know which types of medicine to avoid.

    Tanisha Muench @ US HealthWorks, Lynnwood


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