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14 month update

I'm so behind on my blogging! AH! I completely missed month 13. oh well! We've got 3 walkers in the house these days, although little Lucy girl still prefers to crawl if its across the room or she's really excited about getting somewhere quickly. She has been especially fun the last month and her personality is developing at full-force.
 remember how she is 10? ready for school!  She loves visitors, especially kids. She gets so giddy and excited. We had such a fun time with Madelyn. We made princess crowns out of construction paper, played lots of kitchen and showed Lucy how to correctly wear jewelry.  Lucy and her $10 garage sale kitchen. This is the best thing I have ever purchased. She spends so much time putting things in the microwave, and then taking them out and pushing the buttons, it is so fun to watch her.  Visiting Great Grandma. She loves sitting on her lap and playing with all of the random toys Grandma has kept over the years! This girl and that baby. This wa…

Happy Monday!

We had a jammed packed weekend full of Grandma, cousins and J time. A couple highlights include:
- A family lunch at Tahn Truc in Woodbury for some seriously delicious Vietnamese food before the guys left to speak at "Man Camp" up at CPBC
- An afternoon of playing with cars/trucks/blocks, before putting the kids to bed and playing multiple rounds of Rummy 500 while sipping wine.
- Saturday morning bright and early trip to the MOA! We strolled until about 11a when the crowds were overtaking us...
- We then drove to Woodbury for the grand opening of Patina and re-fueled at Brueggers Bagels
- More playing after naps: I heard the phrase "Caca play?" "Oh Caca, where are you?" and "Caca play yet?" a million times and it warmed my heart each and every time.
- Went to church at Crossroads on Sunday and waited for the guys to get home to watch the Vikings game! Lucy was excited to see Sten and Grandpa.

It was just a fantastic weekend all together. One I …

Fall Happenings

In the past, Fall has always been a favorite season of mine.... I love getting my winter bin of clothes from the basement and baking pumpkin everything. I was slow to get into the spirit this year because last winter was brutal, and this summer seemed to fly by, but slowly over the last week or so, I've embraced the changing season; the beauty it brings, the dark nights, and the slower pace. I've been drinking a lot of tea and snuggling with Lucy under blankets while reading books.
The other day I made these pumpkin muffins, that were to die for. I added a struessel topping and thought the presentation was perfect. Lucy loved them too.

November is especially dear to me as it includes:
- Thanksgiving
- Our 6th Anniversary
So bring on the turkey and stovetop stuffing, we are ready to celebrate!!

We've had a fantastic October full of family and lots of festive fall events. Some highlights include:

My mom came out to visit a couple weeks ago and we hiked Hoffman Hills. The we…