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14 month update

I'm so behind on my blogging! AH! I completely missed month 13. oh well! We've got 3 walkers in the house these days, although little Lucy girl still prefers to crawl if its across the room or she's really excited about getting somewhere quickly. She has been especially fun the last month and her personality is developing at full-force.
 remember how she is 10? ready for school!
 She loves visitors, especially kids. She gets so giddy and excited. We had such a fun time with Madelyn. We made princess crowns out of construction paper, played lots of kitchen and showed Lucy how to correctly wear jewelry.
 Lucy and her $10 garage sale kitchen. This is the best thing I have ever purchased. She spends so much time putting things in the microwave, and then taking them out and pushing the buttons, it is so fun to watch her.
 Visiting Great Grandma. She loves sitting on her lap and playing with all of the random toys Grandma has kept over the years!
This girl and that baby. This was a .25 cent garage sale purchase and she just thinks its the best thing ever.... It goes everywhere with us.
 giving the baby kisses.
 Lounging in a basket with all her toys + baby
 Hoping maybe for Christmas Grandma will make the baby some clothes ;)
 #lukeandlucy !! We traveled to Chicago for Dave and Megan's wedding this past weekend and got to see our friends. It was the best time. Full of food, babies, games, brunch, catching up and just loving being together.
Look how big baby Bru is!!!! Ahh, we had so much fun with this smiley little guy.
The wedding was beautiful and there was LOTS of dancers on the dance floor. 
My sissy came out for the day with the kids Monday. It was a snowy day and we stayed inside and baked cookies and played. I LOVE these guys.
Here she is 14 months old.
  1. baby
  2. mom
  3. dad, especially when he comes home from work
  4. blankets
  5. books
  6. people
  7. oranges
  8. cooked carrots
  9. cheese
  10. salsa verde chicken
  11. milk
  12. going to bed at 6:30p
  13. her belly button
  14. anything 'stinky'
  15. kids
  16. the nursery at church
  17. smiling at people at the grocery store
  18. making us laugh
  19. the phrase "bath time!"
  20. bath time
  21. being carried
She is, 22lbs and as of today in the 80% percentile for height! (Up 42% from her 6 month checkup when she was 38%).  Her eye is looking great from what we can tell...  She has a big appointment coming up on December 15, where she'll go under anesthesia again so they can get a more in-depth look at the progress of her eye. She's been better lately with her patch (thank you for the prayers) and knows when I tell her 'no'. She's very smart and seems to know a lot of what you say to her, such as "lucy, where is your contact?" -points to her eye. Or, "Give baby a hug", "Go get a book", "Do you want some milk?". It amazes me everyday what she knows and figures out. I love that she has preferences for things and that she always wants to figure something out. She's extremely curious and loves her routine. We love her more everyday, and can't wait to share Thanksgiving with her and our family this week.



  1. Too cute with her baby! Isn't it fun watching them learn?!


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