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Fall Happenings

In the past, Fall has always been a favorite season of mine.... I love getting my winter bin of clothes from the basement and baking pumpkin everything. I was slow to get into the spirit this year because last winter was brutal, and this summer seemed to fly by, but slowly over the last week or so, I've embraced the changing season; the beauty it brings, the dark nights, and the slower pace. I've been drinking a lot of tea and snuggling with Lucy under blankets while reading books.
The other day I made these pumpkin muffins, that were to die for. I added a struessel topping and thought the presentation was perfect. Lucy loved them too.

November is especially dear to me as it includes:
- Thanksgiving
- Our 6th Anniversary
So bring on the turkey and stovetop stuffing, we are ready to celebrate!!

We've had a fantastic October full of family and lots of festive fall events. Some highlights include:

My mom came out to visit a couple weeks ago and we hiked Hoffman Hills. The weather was brisk, but the sun was shining and we had a great time. 

This was during one of our Wednesday lunches out. Lucy was being such a ham. 

I just love this little turkey so much. She makes me laugh everyday, wish she'd stay like this forever <3
Also made these this month.... deadly. Oatmeal Fudge Bars
And this! Zucchini Lasanga. Carb-free, Gluten Free, and SO good!
I was able to spend extra time with Amos and Olive this month while J and M moved into their new, beautiful home! I always love playing dump trucks with this guy, and of course listening to 'papa's song'- Shake it Off, by T.Swift

For Halloween, Lucy was an 80's workout girl by day.....
and a monkey by night! We met up with Amos and Olive at gma and gpa's for some Halloween fun!

 Lucy LOVES gma and gpa's house

Last, but not least!... Lucy's 13 months old. She loves:
- her car
- her baby
- books
- the kitchen
- bathtime!
- putting things in things, and taking them out
- cooked carrots
- cheese
- taking 1 nap
- going to bed btwn 6:30-7p
- mom
- grandma
- milk
- storytime at the library
- going on errands
She's acting more and more like a toddler and less and less like a baby. She'll do anything for a laugh, and loves to be the center of attention... just like her dad :) We love her 13x more than we did 13 months ago, and I never thought that was possible.