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This month flew by. Some days are so fun I don't want her to go to bed at night. And other days I don't know if the whining will ever end and I seriously wonder why we are having another child. But then she snuggles in for a hug and gives me some pats on the back and I forget that her whining is annoying.

This month she's loving: shaking her body to "shake it off", her first taste of macaroni and cheese, her lego blocks, stirring things in her kitchen, seeing and saying DADA very emphatically.
She is officially done nursing and has been an absolute champ letting us take her contact in and out. She just lays still while we pop it in and out.... it's really unbelievable. It was almost as if she woke up one day and decided that she was okay having someone touch and poke at her eye. It was an answer to prayer, and a reminder to not worry, babies are incredible and adaptable and come to things on their own terms.

I've noticed we both do better when I have multiple things planned throughout the week, so our schedule has been full of visits with friends, trips to church to see dada, a weekly play date with Aunt "Jessssth", Olive and Amos, and even some outdoor runs with the weather in the 30's (yay!).

She's starting to count when prompted and will say THREE after we say ooonnneeee, twwwooooo....... She also knows that daddy is twenty "NINE"! I think watching her learn and listening to her talk is truly amazing and I can't wait to see her vocabulary continue to develop.

Happy 16 months Lucy girl!
XO, erica.