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Favorite 2014 memories

Lucy growing was my favorite memory this year :) It has been a blast to watch her figure things out, move around, smile, laugh and give kisses. she's our greatest joy and we are thankful everyday that she is our girl.
these 3 were a huge highlight of 2014. watching them grow this year has been so special to me. even though we live in 3 different states and don't get to see each other nearly as much as I'd hope to, I have loved EVERY picture, every FaceTime and every story. I hope these 3 are pals forever.
making the most of winter, and frozen Lake Menomon and going on winter walks to get us through the brutal winter.
The installation of Friday burger night at home. I think we went on a stretch where we NEVER missed a Friday and it has easily become one of my favorite traditions.
I can remember this day like it was yesterday. The FIRST nice day after the worst winter EVER. Sten and I were outside ALL day, we went for a run, a walk, walked to the grocery store and bought limes to make margaritas, then sat out on our deck and soaked up every last ray of sunshine.

every. single. trip. to. bay. lake. We have SO much fun at Bay Lake as a family. We love cruising on the boat and snuggling up at night around a campfire. We made so many great memories there this year and we are already looking forward to summer 2015.
When I took a week + vacation to Chicago. Lucy traveled well, and we had a blast with these 2, going to donut shops, lots of walks, the swedish days parade, parks, water tables.....!
 our Michigan adventure. We've always loved this state and this summer was NO exception. I don't think its possible to be sad in Michigan. Lucy literally had the time of her life. She LOVED camp life and Sten and I loved time with family, jr. high campers, sun, water, sand and Michigan wine.
 Colorado! Lucy and I spent time with Ryann and the kids while Sten was fishing with Bryce and friends, then we all traveled to Breckenridge where we met the rest of the family for a few days of hiking and beauty! I'll never forget this trip and the special time I got to spend with Ryann and my niece and nephew.
 Lucy turns ONE! We made it through the first year! WooHOOOOO!!

A very special Christmas. Filled with lots of our favorite things.

Looking forward with anticipation for what 2015 will bring!
xo, erica