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Our Soup Service Project

The last 10 weeks Lucy and I have been spending our Thursday mornings at church. She plays with new friends, and I have been involved in a truly awesome Bible Study with some of the best women in the world. Lucy and I love Thursdays. I can say for certain they are one of my favorite days of the week. Our first study was on the book Restless, by Jennie Allen. It was challenging and amazing all in one, and I really feel like I grew so much in my faith being around these women and hearing their stories. If you are feeling Restless in your own life and want to find purpose, this is a great place to start!
At the end of the study Jennie challenged us to GO DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING. and so, we took a Thursday and made 20 bags of soups to be frozen and handed out to people in need in our community who come to church asking for money or food. Everyone brought items and we had the best morning filling those bags and serving our community. It was so humbling to know that buying 5 cans of black be…

Lucy is 1 1/2!

Lucy had her half Birthday last week, and we made sure to sing to her. She is as jabbery as ever and I love how she learns a new word or two every day.
We went to the Dr this week and she is 33 inches long: 93rd percentile; 24 lbs: 50th percentile. A healthy, happy little girl.
This month we traveled to Chicago and Michigan, had lots of early spring play time outside and also got a great report at the eye clinic. She is "ahead of the curve" and was fitted for glasses last week. It has been a very busy month.
There are TONS of good moments with Lucy, but there are some days I literally say to myself: I want to quit. It mostly revolves around typical toddler tantrums or her patch, but in those instances, when I lose my cool and raise my voice, the mom guilt is like nothing I have ever experienced. Lucy really is the sweetest thing, so smart and strong, but she and I both are still figuring each other out and I'm finding out just how aware she is of my reactions to her acti…


We're less than one month away from the 1.5 yr mark and life is getting fun for our girl! She is growing tall and losing her baby chubs. Everyday I think she looks more like a toddler and less like a baby. She has developed into a real routine oriented child, which is fine, except neither Sten or I operate on any bit of a routine, so she's kind of her own there.

This month she has developed a real love for reading to herself in what sounds like jibberish Japanese, she also pretends to put in her contact and loves to put her patch on mom or her baby after she is done wearing it for the day.  She loves the book THE MITTEN by Jan Brett, and when we get to the page where the bear sneezes she says aaa-aaa-CHEW! We think she is as smart as can be and I get such a kick out of teaching her tricks!

She stepped on the scale and weighs a whopping 23lbs, she's 31 3/4 inches long! She had one of her eye teeth pop through this month and is working on a couple more that I think will pop …