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Lucy is 1 1/2!

Lucy had her half Birthday last week, and we made sure to sing to her. She is as jabbery as ever and I love how she learns a new word or two every day.
We went to the Dr this week and she is 33 inches long: 93rd percentile; 24 lbs: 50th percentile. A healthy, happy little girl.
This month we traveled to Chicago and Michigan, had lots of early spring play time outside and also got a great report at the eye clinic. She is "ahead of the curve" and was fitted for glasses last week. It has been a very busy month.
There are TONS of good moments with Lucy, but there are some days I literally say to myself: I want to quit. It mostly revolves around typical toddler tantrums or her patch, but in those instances, when I lose my cool and raise my voice, the mom guilt is like nothing I have ever experienced. Lucy really is the sweetest thing, so smart and strong, but she and I both are still figuring each other out and I'm finding out just how aware she is of my reactions to her actions. So as we embark on yet another journey (eye glasses) I am praying that we would show each other grace and that I would have an extra dose of patience to get through the next couple months.
We are so excited to spend this weekend with Sten's mom, visiting from Chicago. I plan on making monkey bread, drinking coffee, staying in our jammies and catching up well into the afternoon. Lucy is excited too :)

 outside in all its glory
 these two.
 mandy lou + michigan was GREAT
 eye check. she was so good for the doctors- especially when they let her play with that toy.
 Logjam patio weather!

 St. Patricks Day cupcakes
 I don't know if you can see, but there is a patch in hand, one on the carseat and one below it... ripping those things off left and right these days.
It was a pretty serious day at the library! No smiles from this girl! Although one boy came up to us and asked:  "Is she a pirate?" LOL!

Happy 1.5 years of life Lucy. You are more than we could have ever asked for. We love you so much.



  1. Don't let the mom guilt get to you! 1.5-2.5 years was my hardest time with Matthew, the tantrums were epic and daily. I definitely raised my voice sometimes. At 2.5 years he came out of that stage and is seriously an angel; since then and through now at 4.5 I could not possibly ask for a better son. I found that 1-2-3 Magic was the best of the books I tried for the preverbal stages. You might want to check it out; it took us from daily tantrums to weekly, and then they disappeared completely. After a week or two, I never got past "1" when I'd count. Hang in there :)


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