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We LOVE this stage! Sten said just today while we were all sitting on the couch- please Lucy, don't grow up! and it's just the truth. She was sitting in between us alternating giving us hugs/ snuggles and grinning with her big tooth-y smile.

I wish I could bottle up her little voice and listen to it forever. Things she's been doing/saying:
- counting. when we are outside she loves to count the steps, I realized one day she can count all the way to 10. Things get a little fuzzy around the 7-8 mark, but it's truly amazing!
- colors. I also thinks she knows her colors... today I asked her what color her spoon was and she said "BLUUU", and when you ask her to point to colors she can.
- singing. she has a little DVD called "praise baby" and the last song on it is "holy, holy, holy". The other day she brought me the DVD and said holy, holy, holy. Sten got it on video, we were both in AWE!
- No. She has extreme opinions on things such as books an…

Recent happenings.

We've been having SO much fun outside now that the weather's warmer and days are longer. Last weekend we took Lucy to Govin's Farm where there were hundreds of baby lambs, goats, chicks, piglets, horses, ponies, dogs... it was just the best morning and I think Sten and I had the most fun watching her experience these animals! We ended the morning with donuts, of course, before heading home with a VERY warn out/ cranky toddler.
 CHEESE  These lambs are big compared to the ones you could hold and pet, Lucy didn't really want to touch them, but she liked to look
 She loved the chicks most of all
"coo, coo" (cool, cool)  Sten's Grandma gave us this little stool for Lucy when we visited over Easter. It is perfect for a little art station/table for her. I am obsessed! She still eats crayons, but I am determined for her to like art so we can color together.
LUCY GOT GLASSES!  So far, not so good. But we are hopeful that she will grow to like them. W…

Almond White Cake + Easter

We had a wonderful Easter celebrating in CG with my family and then spending Easter Monday with cousins, and a visit to Great Grandma Carlson. I felt sick after eating too many jelly beans and treats including the MOST delicious Almond White Cake in the world. I am serious. It will be a forever recipe in our house. It was just the right combo of light and dense with a strong almond flavor. The cake itself isn't too sweet, but I made an almond butter cream frosting and I felt like it complimented it perfectly. I was so bummed that I forgot to take a picture, and left the leftovers at my parents. Here is a link to the recipe from allrecipes.

We spent a lot of time at Church over Easter week, and Lucy got to go on 2 Easter Egg Hunts back in the children's wing. She was all warmed up for a hunt at Gma and Gpa's. It was so great to watch her find those eggs and be excited.

 A pre-Easter activity was getting these kids together and painting eggs. It was messy and awesome. Lucy, …