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We LOVE this stage! Sten said just today while we were all sitting on the couch- please Lucy, don't grow up! and it's just the truth. She was sitting in between us alternating giving us hugs/ snuggles and grinning with her big tooth-y smile.

I wish I could bottle up her little voice and listen to it forever. Things she's been doing/saying:
- counting. when we are outside she loves to count the steps, I realized one day she can count all the way to 10. Things get a little fuzzy around the 7-8 mark, but it's truly amazing!
- colors. I also thinks she knows her colors... today I asked her what color her spoon was and she said "BLUUU", and when you ask her to point to colors she can.
- singing. she has a little DVD called "praise baby" and the last song on it is "holy, holy, holy". The other day she brought me the DVD and said holy, holy, holy. Sten got it on video, we were both in AWE!
- No. She has extreme opinions on things such as books and songs. I get about 15 books from the library every week, because inevitably she will only let us read about 10 of them. If you grab a book she does not want to read she will push it away while saying, no no no no no! until grab another one. Once you find one she likes, she says, okay, okay, okay... and off you go, reading! Same is true for songs, every night we sing 3 songs and we have to okay them with her first: "twinkle, twinkle?" "No", "This little light of mine?" "okay". However, since she has such strong opinions on things she has been not so good about her contact/patch/glasses, but I really feel like it's just another phase and that we just need to be patient.
- Praying. About 3 times throughout a meal you can guarantee a "PRAY" command from Lucy, randomly, followed by hands folded and waiting until everyone joins her as we bow our heads.
- playing. She LOVES other kids and her cousins. She gets so giddy when she is around other kids, it is fun to watch. Lately, whenever we get together with Amos and Olive she just can't keep her hands off them. She thinks they are the best things in the world. I love that they have each other. 

 Praise Baby trance.
 Playing find your belly button with her cousins.
reading an approved book with dad.



  1. That is SUPER SUPER early for colors Erica! I'd say you've got a little smartie on your hands! XOXO


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