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Recent happenings.

We've been having SO much fun outside now that the weather's warmer and days are longer. Last weekend we took Lucy to Govin's Farm where there were hundreds of baby lambs, goats, chicks, piglets, horses, ponies, dogs... it was just the best morning and I think Sten and I had the most fun watching her experience these animals! We ended the morning with donuts, of course, before heading home with a VERY warn out/ cranky toddler.
 These lambs are big compared to the ones you could hold and pet, Lucy didn't really want to touch them, but she liked to look


 She loved the chicks most of all

"coo, coo" (cool, cool)
 Sten's Grandma gave us this little stool for Lucy when we visited over Easter. It is perfect for a little art station/table for her. I am obsessed! She still eats crayons, but I am determined for her to like art so we can color together.

 So far, not so good. But we are hopeful that she will grow to like them. We are getting her checked out at her eye clinic tomorrow, and I am hoping they'll be able to give us some tips and tricks on keeping them on. She literally hates them.

 The last couple days have been AMAZING. We've been outside 90% of the day. Lucy loves getting dirty and helped me clean out some of my flower pots. She just loves to be outside and when it's time to come in, she repeats no, no, no, no over and over.
walking the yard with her forever companion: baby.

April has been good to us so far. I am so thankful that Lucy has gotten to a little more of an independent stage, and I hope by the time baby is born she'll enjoy some time to herself (wishful thinking??) :) Either way, she is my little buddy, and I love spending my days with her.