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Here we are at month 20. Every month seems like a blink of an eye, this one in particular feels like it flew by... I'm absolutely loving everything about 20 months. Her personality shines and she makes us laugh all day long. When I get her in the morning she's started giving big tight hugs around my neck and playing with my hair and it makes me melt.
Here are a couple other things she's doing:
- talks, repeats EVERYTHING I say. And remembers the funniest things. We were getting her out of the car the other day and there was a wasp on the inside of her window. I freaked out, and then when we got home she said- "A BEE!" trying to get a rise out of me again. Now it's a fun game that we play, that she thinks is hilarious, bc I don't actually think she is scared of bees at all...
- Is starting to ask for things. After her nap the other day she said "Applesauce?" I was like- sure!
- Is getting good with her glasses, still not great, but better and she does great when she's distracted.
- Loves all animals
- Still a 7pm bedtime girl, and has been getting up around 6, then takes a 2 hour nap in the afternoon
- Playing chalk, ball, or picking dandelions outside
- "self": doing everything by herself: walking down stairs, using the spoon, building with her blocks, she does not want help unless she asks
She LOVES and talks a lot about:
- grandpa
- olive and amos
- treats- especially chocolate
- milk
- toys
- booooooks
- elmo
- any type of peek a boo game
- horsey rides from Sten
- blueberries
- showing off any scrapes she has

Happy 20 months to our special girl!


  1. 20 months!? I can't believe it!
    She sounds SO fun!
    Love that last photo of her--little "movie star"!!


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