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21 months.

Lucy turned 21 months 2 days ago. This month was full of summertime fun and we've spent lots of days outside beginning to end, just as summer should be. I feel so thankful that this is life as a mom in the summer. While walking to the park or biking to the pool, I sometimes think to myself 'I can't believe I get to be doing this right now'. Summertime with kids is a gift and I am realizing that more and more.

This month has been full of running in place tantrums. This girl knows what she wants and how to get it. I am learning too, and often times I give in too easily.

We made a trip to Chicago this month for Lauren's bridal shower and Lucy loved seeing family. She had so much fun trying to keep up with big cousin Elin and reading books with Grammy. Sten and I had so much fun catching up with everyone and we even got to sneak in a date to Bien Trucha. It was a short weekend, but totally worth it.

I am more and more tired and feel the toll chasing after a toddler takes on you. Lucy is as busy as can be running around, climbing on things and talking ALL THE TIME. She still loves to sit down with a big stack of books and I am so thankful for that. She enjoys the arts and never gets tired of coloring, painting, play-doh or chalk. She asks for "Tig-oo" (Daniel Tiger) quite often and the fact that she can sit through a 20 minute episode is SO nice for me. :)
 On the drive to Chicago Lucy was catching up on all the North Park News
 Although Lucy and Luke were unable to see each other, we still got to see Kate and Peter and played games just like our lincoln square days....
 Out to breakfast in Geneva!
 This would have been a great picture....
 The library had a truck event one night and Lucy had fun sitting in the fire truck and checking out the school bus!
 Lucy and Georgia at the library reading together <3!
 Such an intense painter!
We grilled and ate outside on the deck every night last week, it was the BEST
Always smelling the flowers :)

Life's about to throw Lucy a curve-ball and I am very excited to see how she handles it.

XO. erica.