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Summer is here!

Our first pool day was a success with squeals of joy and lots of splashing.
 We've already taken TWO trips to Bay Lake! Lucy loves to be in the boat on the "wadoo" (water) and look for "moooons" (loons). She is a great co-captain and loves the opportunity to have boat snacks out on the lake :)
2 of my favorite people looking so good!


The neighbor let us borrow their chair and it was JUST Lucy's size. She thought it was great.
 Rooftop drinks in Minneapolis at Union Rooftop. Missing those tall buildings and bright lights.
 After dinner last night Lucy and I biked to the library. She "read" this book the whole way home. It was the best hearing her little voice from the back.
Lucy loves the flowers in our pots. She walks up to them and says "gentoo". I'm hoping in 5 weeks she will be as gentle with her little brother....?? probably not.

With the start of June, I know the next 5 weeks are going to fly by until baby comes. We are no where near ready for his arrival, but excited just the same. I can't wait to see what he looks like and what kind of baby he will be. As much as I am ready to be done being pregnant, I am sad to end this season of being a family of 3. I love my days with Lucy and now that we have a rhythm of our own I am starting to mourn the freedom we have now that she's easy to throw in the bike with a diaper and go on an adventure.

Summer 2015 will be a summer to remember! Looking forward to many more memories made!
XO, erica


  1. You will LOVE having 2! I'm SO excited for you!!!!!


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