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22 months and as fierce as ever.

I have SIGNIFICANTLY less pictures of Lucy this month... but boy has she been fun. I fully realize how confusing bringing home a baby is to a 22 month old- I am witnessing it first hand. So I would say, despite the outcries, tantrums and general dis-interest in Olle, Lucy is adjusting just fine. We've had SO much amazing help and I couldn't be more thankful.
Some of my favorite things about her right now continues to be her language development. When she strings words together I feel so proud. I love listening to her talk, and am always blown away at the things she remembers and then references later in the day (or week). It seems like everyday she is learning a new word and if you aren't there to hear it the first time, you may not know what she is talking about, as she still is having a hard time with R's, L's and sometimes S's. My very favorite thing is when she says Olle, it comes out: Od-ie, and just this morning she said "Odie man cryn-in'."
She loves looking at pictures of herself, or of Amos and is at the stage where she is starting to actually play with other kids. She is 100% an extrovert, but only when she is able to initiate. If we are on a walk and she sees someone down the street, she'll yell "hi" until they respond, but if we stop to talk to someone and they say hi to her, she's as quiet as a mouse.
Now that there is a 7lb baby in the house, she seems like a GIANT, with massive hands and feet, but
she's still our little girl and we love her SO much!