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July is here and that means BABY! We've been so busy preparing ourselves and our home for this little guy. It's been a crazy couple of weeks and as I sit down to type I am realizing how fast time really went this pregnancy. I put Lucy to bed alone tonight as Sten is at youth group and I couldn't stop myself from reading her a few extra books and singing a few extra songs. I was so emotional thinking about our time together ending. She was, of course, completely un-phased, and most likely thought it was the best night ever with all the extra books we read. I'm certain after the initial adjustment to life with a baby in the house she will be just fine, but I am cherishing these last few moments non-the-less.

Our life in pictures over the last month or so :)

 Zoo with friends.
 Abbey Pub patio
 Strawberry picking with Olive and Amos. These kids ate their body weight in strawberries that day.

 Lucy laughs and EVERYTHING Amos does.

 Outdoor summer concert at Cedarbrook. Lucy had the time of her life staying up until 9:30pm playing with kids.

 On our last Friday together as a family of 3 we took a day trip to Stillwater. It was one of my favorite days ever as a family. We went to Teddy Bear Park, walked around a ton, ate so much good food and soaked up our time with our special girl.

 Not so sure of the bear....
 The sun was hot and bright that day, and Lucy was struggling with her contact, so of course we didn't get a single picture with her looking.
 We stopped and got malts at Leo's before heading out for our loooong walk. Lucy LOVED the malts.

 Our last picture of our little family.
 the out take- the only one where she is sorta smiling!
 She was obsessed with these flowers. smelling every single color.
 These are some of my favorite pictures ever. The colors and the sequence. She ran right over to him and wanted to hug and snuggle.

 I just LOVE these 2!
This was Lucy about 4 minutes into our car ride home at 6:20pm. Still holding her ball and baby, completely worn out from a FULL day. This girl.

Tomorrow is our last day before baby comes! I'm hoping the weather is nice so we can spend all day outside doing our favorite things.

xo, erica