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Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken after Olle was born, and I just got around to downloading them and printing some out. I love them.
such a little dude.

 and this girl is always up to something....

 This one is my favorite We spent a lot of time making the kids rooms special. I painted those pictures and Sten stained and put those pallet boards up on the wall with the big "O". I especially love the ones of Lucy and Olle together. I pray that they grow up to be two peas in a pod. They are lucky to have each other and we are so thankful for both of them. Thank you Angie Green for capturing our family during this time so well.
XO, erica

Chickpea Curry +

On Monday I made Pioneer Woman's Chickpea Curry and it was to die for. It was a cold summer day and this meal was warm, and fall-like. The flavors were incredible and with 12g of protein and 8 grams of fiber, I felt good serving this to my family. Here is the link to PW's recipe. The only modifications I made were: 1 T oil instead of 2, and garlic chili paste instead of siracha.

In other news: life is good!  Got to see our cousins last week Had a visit from our friends Joel and Megan and Baby Henry. Who Lucy just adored!
Soooo fun to see them! Also- this guy- growing like a weed And smiling! Lucy girl and I had a spa day one morning.
Diva.  Or gypsy?
Favorite girl.
We also took advantage of the most perfect day and had a picnic by the lake. Summer- don't leave yet!!!

XO. Erica 

Life Lately, Lucy 23 months, Olle 1 month

Can't believe next month Lucy will be TWO?! Where did my little baby girl go?? It's been an awesome month, full of lots of ups, and quite a few downs as we figure out how to be parents of an almost 2 year old, with a new baby in the house.
Sten and I have talked more about parenting this month than I would like to admit. Lucy's patching and glasses wearing continue to be our biggest struggle. She knows that to get attention all she has to do is rip off her patch. This is her trump card for everything-- but especially now that she has to share the attention with Olle. We've instituted time outs for every time she takes it off, and this seems to be helping... but THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! She is such a little smarty!
Some of her favorites include:
- hiding under blankets with dad
- horsey rides
- dancing (all the time!)
- any kid she knows by name, but she has REALLY been on a Tyler and Emma kick lately (my cousins that live in Eau Claire)
- helping me in the kitchen, and co…

The rest of our Michigan trip

It was my goal to blog while in Michigan because I knew I'd be taking a lot of pictures and I'd want to remember everything. The last couple of days I chose to be more present soaking in the memories instead of trying to upload pictures from my phone to my blog. Sooo, living in the moment provided less documentation, but so much fun :)

 beach day in Frankfort

 Monday night concert in the park with the Clown Band. So Americana, so fun!  We packed a fantastic picnic and watched the kids dance and run around  Lucy made a friend, randomly.... her name was Mara. She held on to that chip in her hand the whole time as well....
 We ended our trip with ice cream. Nothing better!  Other favorite memories included: spending time with Ryann.... love her so much.  watching Lucy play with her cousins... it was a sad day when she woke up with no cousins around!
 Linebacks wine tasting... we came her 3 times to sample Chateau Grand Traverse Wines  These two 5(!!!) year olds! Going to Kinderg…

Day 6!

We took it easy this morning, and were able to say all our goodbyes to family.
It was awesome to all be together in this beautiful place! So thankful that Sten's family is amazing!! We got home after wine tasting to what is supposed to be a crazy storm!  Whoa!