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Day 4 recap

We had a great day yesterday. We started the morning drinking coffee on the front porch and ended the evening drinking wine and toasting to the couple to be. 
Caught Lucy in the act of stealing watermelon from Drake!
Sweet Raine and Olle
A rare moment when 4 of the 5 kids were asleep and we went wine tasting! 
One of the prettiest places on earth. 
"Daddy- hold you hand?"
So many many kids
The cutest outdoor table setting! Before the rain.....
Loved this moment of Meredith reading her traditional toast to Lauren and Jon 
I don't have many pics of this guy. But he has been absolute CHAMP. Couldn't love him more!

Can't wait to celebrate tonight!


  1. Wow it looks like they finished the condo since we were there for camp! Amazing! Such a relief!


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