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Life Lately, Lucy 23 months, Olle 1 month

Can't believe next month Lucy will be TWO?! Where did my little baby girl go?? It's been an awesome month, full of lots of ups, and quite a few downs as we figure out how to be parents of an almost 2 year old, with a new baby in the house.
Sten and I have talked more about parenting this month than I would like to admit. Lucy's patching and glasses wearing continue to be our biggest struggle. She knows that to get attention all she has to do is rip off her patch. This is her trump card for everything-- but especially now that she has to share the attention with Olle. We've instituted time outs for every time she takes it off, and this seems to be helping... but THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! She is such a little smarty!
Some of her favorites include:
- hiding under blankets with dad
- horsey rides
- dancing (all the time!)
- any kid she knows by name, but she has REALLY been on a Tyler and Emma kick lately (my cousins that live in Eau Claire)
- helping me in the kitchen, and cooking in her kitchen
- Sofia the First
- floating in her tube in the pool

Olle is awesome! We love him so much. He continues to be super chill and laid back, however, has recently been awake a lot more lately and doesn't seem to know what to do with himself :) He's over 10 lbs already!
He loves:
- being held
- being on his tummy
- the moby wrap
- stroller rides
- car rides

Here's some recent pics:
 "hold-a O-dd-e???"
 This was an exceptionally rough day. Lucy would not nap and Olle was fussy. I put them both in the stroller and walked for TWO hours. They both slept the entire time. It was silent and amazing.
 went out on a date without the kids!!!!!! Thanks to the Brooks family for watch Lucy and Olle. It was the BEST!
 She is too funny.
 as you can notice he is starting to lose his locks! :(
 "mama, take my pictooo"
 This is the best I can do of both of them... LOL

Next month we'll have a 2 month old and a 2 year old?!?!?!?!?!? WHAT?!?!?!?!?!