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The rest of our Michigan trip

It was my goal to blog while in Michigan because I knew I'd be taking a lot of pictures and I'd want to remember everything. The last couple of days I chose to be more present soaking in the memories instead of trying to upload pictures from my phone to my blog. Sooo, living in the moment provided less documentation, but so much fun :)

 beach day in Frankfort

 Monday night concert in the park with the Clown Band. So Americana, so fun!
 We packed a fantastic picnic and watched the kids dance and run around
 Lucy made a friend, randomly.... her name was Mara. She held on to that chip in her hand the whole time as well....

 We ended our trip with ice cream. Nothing better!
 Other favorite memories included: spending time with Ryann.... love her so much.
 watching Lucy play with her cousins... it was a sad day when she woke up with no cousins around!

 Linebacks wine tasting... we came her 3 times to sample Chateau Grand Traverse Wines
 These two 5(!!!) year olds! Going to Kindergarten this fall!!
And these two babies... I think they will be best buds someday!

It was hard to come home and get back into regular routine and life... Michigan is such a special place to us all, and all of my memories from this trip are so, so happy. Until next time!



  1. Sheesh Erica! You look like you LOST weight this past pregnancy! That you didn't even need to lose anyway! You look amazing!!!


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