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Lucy is TWO and Olle is TWO months.

It's official, we have a TWO year old in the Carlson house. We also have a TWO month old and our hearts and hands are full.
We'll start with our Olle man, he's the cutest little boy with a smile that will seriously make you melt.
He's a magical baby and is sleeping like a champ. We wrap him up for bed at 7 and he's been sleeping through the night until 5 or 6 in the morning. Day time is.... okay, he takes naps on and off, and then gets pretty crabby right around dinner time. His scream is the loudest baby scream I have ever heard, and if he wasn't my son, I wouldn't be able to handle it.
He's growing so fast and already weighs almost 13lbs. and is 23.5 inches long.
One of my favorite things he does lately is coo and smile and then the next second his face changes into the saddest look and he starts screaming... it's like, what happened???
We love you buddy, thank you for being awesome and letting your sister squeeze you, squish you, kiss you, and poke you all day long.


Lucy Jane is 2! Cannot believe how fast this year went. Where is my little baby who doesn't talk, walk or whine? We love Lucy more and more everyday. She is hilarious and knows it. She also knows JUST when to turn on the charm. I could say a million things about this girl. She's my little friend and sometimes feels like my shadow. She loves pretend. I love hearing her talk to her baby or any of her stuffed animals. She loves books and is 600+ books on her way to our library's "1,000 books before kindergarten". She could read all day.  She LOVES Sofia the First. She knows all the characters and wakes up in the morning asking "watch sofff-eee-aah??!" She loves the cabin and associates it with Sten's Grandma and Aunt Joanie and Uncle Dave. (whom she also loves). She loves hot dogs, cheese, milk, cucumbers, peppers, any fruit and ANY treat, but especially m&ms. She loves her family, particularly mom :) and grammmpa.
She's 28.2 lbs and 35 ish inches. She seems tall to me, but maybe that is just because she looks HUGE next to little Olle. 
We had another eye appointment in the cities this week and got an excellent report. We are so thankful for her continued progress!
We had a fun day celebrating Lucy with a Sofia themed Birthday. Watching her open her gifts was my favorite thing ever. You could tell she was having the time of her life. 
We love you little Lucy bear. Thanks for reminding me everyday to read some books and enjoy the best things in life, like m&m's. 
 My little honey, on her last day being 1.

 Loves to bake, and even has her own apron from Aunt Jessica. "up on counter?" This was a special Friday morning when Sten was out fishing. We went to the store and bought m&m's and made cookies. She was SO excited.
 I drew "swings" on the driveway last week and she thought it was the best thing ever.

 reading books + "2 pony hairs"

 Checking out her sweet Sofia cake. I taped a cardboard cutout of Sofia because I couldn't find a Sofia Barbie. LOL! Super classy.

 Thank you Bernards for the loudest birthday presents known to man... (instruments). Can't wait for Olive's Birthday.....

It's been 2 of my favorite years ever. Thankful for our family and for all the people who have loved us and have supported us and loved on Lucy. We couldn't have done it without you!
XO, erica


  1. You have the most beautiful family!!
    I loved catching up on your posts today :)


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