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We have been having a really great month. Lots of visitors and fun events with friends.
Also a couple "firsts" in our house: Olle rolled over and Lucy is sleeping in her BIG GIRL BED!

I have lots of feelings about Lucy getting older, and putting her in that bed for the first time was crazy for me. I know she's independent and smart and awesome, but I feel like sleeping in your own bed when you've NEVER done that before is a big deal! (maybe more just for me than her... HA)

Here are some pictures of our last few weeks:
 me and kate + our little bears.  Meeting Erik and being with the Johnson's was really wonderful. It's always good to spend time with people who really know you, love you and care about you.  Erik + Olle. bff's forever. Both sporting their favorite vacation hotspots (Door County=Erik, Bay Lake, MN= Olle)  because a trip to the Farmer's Market is never complete without a frolic through the leaves  Luke and Lucy played SO well together. I…

CUBS and Chicago Style Pizza

This October has been full of the CUBS! We have been having so much fun watching the game. I totally jumped on the bandwagon late and am just now getting to know the players and the pitchers, but it is super fun to watch the games with Sten, who is a pro at EVERYTHING Cubbies, and lets me in on all the little details about all the players. On numerous occasions he will be telling me an interesting fact RIGHT before the announcer starts saying the very same thing. Sten = super fan.
For the wildcard game we found out Bryce and Ryann were making Chicago Style Deep Dish, so we decided- 'what a great idea! lets do the same!' So that day was spent letting sauce simmer, pizza dough rise, and assembling the pizza. Sten got permission to leave youth group early and we had the best night cozied up in front of the TV as we watched the Cubs WIN while eating our delicious pizza.

Here is the recipe I followed. It didn't taste to me like Giordanos or Lou's, but it had its own unique…

Fall is here and life is good.

This time, right now in life, seems good. Olle's schedule is somewhat under control and Lucy is as predictable as ever. Time is very much the same from week to week, and the predictablilty of that is comforting to me. Monday's are Lucy's favorite day of the week, I think. It's my laundry day, so we inevitably don't go anywhere, therefore, Lucy gets to stay in her jam-jams ALL DAY. It's like a special treat for her. The house is warm and smells fresh, and it's quiet and mundane and so needed after a busy weekend. Today life seems especially good. Sten and I prayed this morning for my time with the kids to be meaningful and I feel like it has been the first day in a while where I balanced chores and spending quality time with Lucy and Olle. We read a lot of books, baked bread, had a tea party and folded a whole lot of laundry....

Fall is in full swing in this corner of the world and every year I am in love with the beauty of it. We already checked 2 things of…