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CUBS and Chicago Style Pizza

This October has been full of the CUBS! We have been having so much fun watching the game. I totally jumped on the bandwagon late and am just now getting to know the players and the pitchers, but it is super fun to watch the games with Sten, who is a pro at EVERYTHING Cubbies, and lets me in on all the little details about all the players. On numerous occasions he will be telling me an interesting fact RIGHT before the announcer starts saying the very same thing. Sten = super fan.
Here we are back in 2008? Just young little kiddies.
For the wildcard game we found out Bryce and Ryann were making Chicago Style Deep Dish, so we decided- 'what a great idea! lets do the same!' So that day was spent letting sauce simmer, pizza dough rise, and assembling the pizza. Sten got permission to leave youth group early and we had the best night cozied up in front of the TV as we watched the Cubs WIN while eating our delicious pizza.

Here is the recipe I followed. It didn't taste to me like Giordanos or Lou's, but it had its own unique and DELICIOUS deep dish taste. We both LOVED it.

Fall has been a glorious mix of beautiful temps and beautiful colors and we have been taking full advantage. We took Grammy to the Cottage Winery on Sunday and sat outside with a glass of wine and admired the breath-taking views of our Wisconsin country side. We had a fantastic weekend with her visiting. Such a treat for all 4 of us. Lucy was missing her singing buddy this morning when she woke up...
This weekend Kate, Peter, Luke and Erik are coming! We can't wait to meet baby Erik and Lucy says she is excited to play with Luke (we'll see how long that lasts once she has to share her toys :))

Olle turned 3 months this past weekend as well! He is still the cutest little boy, full of smiles and coo's for his mom, dad and sissy. Besides smiling he isn't doing anything new. Just being cute.

October is going by way too fast. I guess that is just life these days. A good reminder from my Mother-in-law this weekend was to name the things you're grateful for. So today I am grateful that I live close enough to my Grandma to bring her cupcakes on her Birthday week. She reminds me every time I see her how important scripture is in our lives and she lives it out daily.

Love, erica.