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Fall is here and life is good.

This time, right now in life, seems good. Olle's schedule is somewhat under control and Lucy is as predictable as ever. Time is very much the same from week to week, and the predictablilty of that is comforting to me. Monday's are Lucy's favorite day of the week, I think. It's my laundry day, so we inevitably don't go anywhere, therefore, Lucy gets to stay in her jam-jams ALL DAY. It's like a special treat for her. The house is warm and smells fresh, and it's quiet and mundane and so needed after a busy weekend. Today life seems especially good. Sten and I prayed this morning for my time with the kids to be meaningful and I feel like it has been the first day in a while where I balanced chores and spending quality time with Lucy and Olle. We read a lot of books, baked bread, had a tea party and folded a whole lot of laundry....

Fall is in full swing in this corner of the world and every year I am in love with the beauty of it. We already checked 2 things off my Fall bucket list: Apple picking and a Hoffman Hills hike.
 Love that HH's is only a few miles from our house...

 This girl eats the whole apple, core and all....
 Olive the beautiful.
 The Bernard's <3
 Grandma and Olive Bear

 My kiddies. Lately if I'm holding Olle and Lucy wants to be picked up she'll say: "boff kids?"
these two... so much love.
We picked up Ashley from school a couple weeks ago and played at the park. It was one of the last nice hot days, so we were all in tank tops and got Culver's custard. Lucy <3's this girl.
 Last week we met my cousin at the Eau Claire Library. We had to run a couple errands around the mall and by the time we were done it was past dinner time. I am terrified of going into a restaurant with both kids on my own, but I faced my fears and took Lucy to Panera, where we shared a bagel (her favorite). It was one of the sweetest moments. She was so excited and Olle slept the whole time (thank you God). I couldn't have asked for a better end to the day.
 We had visitors last week! Ashley, Mason and Linds came to visit in the morning and it was awesome to see them.

these next two pictures Sten snapped:
 AHHHH, he is SOOOO cute.
Here is Lucy watching Sofia. She could literally watch, read, talk about, play Sofia all. day.

Lastly, fall running is the best. My Saturday Run For Water 10krun was my best time since having Olle and I felt so good. Thankful for a body that can recover after a c-section and for legs that can move.

Oh, two more, here is our today: baking bread, (and cinnamon rolls for this weekend when Grammy is visiting) and playing tea party. "Olle sit herrrrr??" Poor Olle, he's got no choice.

Fall, you've been good to us. 
XO, erica.


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