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We have been having a really great month. Lots of visitors and fun events with friends.
Also a couple "firsts" in our house: Olle rolled over and Lucy is sleeping in her BIG GIRL BED!

I have lots of feelings about Lucy getting older, and putting her in that bed for the first time was crazy for me. I know she's independent and smart and awesome, but I feel like sleeping in your own bed when you've NEVER done that before is a big deal! (maybe more just for me than her... HA)

Here are some pictures of our last few weeks:
 me and kate + our little bears.
 Meeting Erik and being with the Johnson's was really wonderful. It's always good to spend time with people who really know you, love you and care about you.
 Erik + Olle. bff's forever. Both sporting their favorite vacation hotspots (Door County=Erik, Bay Lake, MN= Olle)
 because a trip to the Farmer's Market is never complete without a frolic through the leaves
 Luke and Lucy played SO well together. I was amazed! It was so fun to watch them interact... We've been waiting for this day for 2 years!
there's really no way I can love this picture more.
 We love these 4. So thankful for friends.

 I took a trip to the cities to see my mom and dad + Sten's Grandma last week. AND we got some special cousin time. jammie pictures are the best... and Lucy is the WORST at getting her picture taken.
 We painted pumpkins at Chase and Maci's new house
 and said goodbye to Jill, Sam and Georgia :( before they moved to North Carolina. We are going to miss them lots.
We also had Lilly and Isaiah over for a playdate. Lucy loves those two and woke up from her nap talking about them. <3.

One of the greatest, unexpected joys of motherhood has been watching Lucy make friends. I love the way she talks to other kids and how she seems content going with the flow or playing by herself. She's quick to pick up what is funny, and the conversations she chooses to have always leave me laughing. I am beyond thankful for the awesome kids she calls her friends. (and their mom's who keep me sane).

 Here is Lucy after her first night sleeping in her big bed! She was so excited when I came into her room in the morning and "snuggled"
the hallway is a favorite hangout for us, specifically laying on our backs with our legs up 90 degrees on the wall. Sten started it months ago, and it is still a go-to afternoon event. As you can see, baby even got in on the action this past week.

This is a follow up to my last post, we really perfected the pizza this past weekend by baking it a little longer AND adding bacon as a topping.... 

Oh, October, you've been so so good to us.